An alchemical symbol with the words ‘εν το παν’ (‘one is the all’) which inspired Kekulé in a dream to discover the structure of benzene.

Terms & Conditions

Dream Chemistry Award

Contest Terms and Conditions 2021

§ 1

Organization of the "Dream Chemistry Award" Contest (the "Contest") in 2021 complies with the guidelines stated in these Contest Terms and Conditions (the "Guidelines"). The Guidelines are available on the Contest website at

§ 2

Aim of the Contest

The aim of the Contest is to award a prize to a young scientist (the "Candidate") for the idea of a scientific project (the "Project") in the field of chemistry or a chemistry-related interdisciplinary project, based on a scientific problem that the scientist dreams to solve. The prize is not intended to be used for the Project implementation.

§ 3

Organizer of the Contest

  1. The Contest is organized by the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IOCB Prague), Flemingovo nám. 2, 166 10, Prague 6, Czech Republic (the "Organizer"). The Organizer shall announce the date it starts accepting contest entries, as well as the results of the Contest by publishing information on the Contest website at

  2. The Contest is held under the auspices of an Honorary Committee appointed by the Organizer. The list of Committee members will be announced on the Contest website at

  3. IOCB Prague will appoint a Scientific Committee for evaluation of contest entries. The members of the Scientific Committee shall be experts in the field of chemistry and related disciplines, and shall come from the academic community. The Scientific Committee shall be composed of not less than 10 members. The Committee’s composition shall be announced on the Contest website at

§ 4

Candidates and Nominators

  1. Eligible Candidates for the Contest may be citizens of any country who must fulfill the following criteria:

    • Ph.D. degree obtained in 2014 or later,

    • must not be currently employed at either IOCB Prague or IChF.

  2. The Candidates are nominated by members of the academic community (the "Nominators").

  3. The Nominators are respected experts in their fields. They must hold at least a Ph.D. degree and have minimum of ten years’ experience since publishing their first scientific paper.

§ 5

Award and Prizes

  1. Five Finalists selected by the Scientific Committee will receive “Dream Chemistry Top 5” prize consisting of a certificate and a financial prize of €1,000 each.

  2. The absolute winner of the contest (one of the Finalists) wins the “Dream Chemistry Award” (the „Prize”), which comprise of a statuette, a certificate and a financial prize of €10,000.

§ 6

Time Schedule of the Contest

  1. The Contest will be announced on March 15, 2021.

  2. Any Contest entry of the Candidate must be preceded by a nomination of the Candidate by a Nominator submitted electronically via the Contest website by July 31, 2021. The nomination must contain the Candidate’s first name and last name, e-mail address, current affiliation, basic information about the Candidate and his/her research interests as well as a brief statement why the Candidate should be considered for DCA. The Organizer of the Contest will notify the eligible Candidate about his/her nomination by e-mail.

  3. Each Contest entry ("Application") must contain following documents:

    • Candidate’s first name and last name, e-mail address, current affiliation

    • Year of obtaining a Ph.D. degree

    • Name of Nominator

    • Curriculum vitae including publication track of the Candidate

    • Project description (maximum 4 A4 pages including figures, font Times New Roman 12pt)

    All Applications will be submitted electronically via the website latest by August 31, 2021.

  4. Both the Project and the Candidate’s CV will be evaluated. Evaluation of the Projects and ranking of the Candidates by the Scientific Committee will be completed by October 1, 2021.

  5. Five top Candidates from the ranking list become the Finalists of the Contest (the „Finalists”). The List of Finalists will be announced on the website without delay.

  6. Each Finalist of the Contest will be invited to present his/her Project in a 30-minutes presentation in front of the Scientific Committee. The presentations will include 5-minutes popularizing introduction about the candidate’s project meant for general audience and 25 minutes will be dedicated to explain his/her dream project thoroughly. Each presentation will be followed by a 15 minutes discussion, where back-up slides may be used. Presentations of the Finalists will be held at IOCB Prague (or online should the epidemiological situation prevent on-site meeting) on December 6, 2021.

  7. The Scientific Committee will select the Contest Winner (the „Winner”). The decision of the Scientific Committee will be final and incontestable.

  8. The Winner will deliver a 45-minute talk on the results of his/her current research on December 7, 2021. The name of the Winner of the Contest will be announced on the Contest website at