An alchemical symbol with the words ‘εν το παν’ (‘one is the all’) which inspired Kekulé in a dream to discover the structure of benzene.

Finals of the Dream Chemistry Award 2020

ONLINE EVENT – Live Stream on YouTube

Day 1: November 30th (Monday)

YouTube link

18:00-18:05 (CET) Welcome speech
Prof. Marcin Opałło – Director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS
18:05-18:10 (CET) Introduction to the Dream Chemistry Award contest
Prof. Robert Hołyst - Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS
18:10-18:50 (CET) Yunyan Qiu, Northwestern University, USA
Achieving the Holy Grail of Polymer Synthesis Using Catalytic Aritifical Molecular Machines
18:50-19:00 (CET) First break
19:00-19:40 (CET) Claudia Bonfio, University of Cambridge, UK
Unlocking Primitive Chemical Messages
19:40-20:20 (CET) Pawel Dydio, Universite de Strasbourg, ISIS, France
Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Chemistry of the Future
20:20-20:30 (CET) Second break
20:30-21:10 (CET) Ivana Drienovska, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
New-to-Nature Reactivities in Biocatalysis: A Closer Look at Enzymatic Fluorination
21:10-21:50 (CET) Christopher Hendon, University of Oregon, USA
A Chemical Fix for Bad Beverages
21:50-22:00 (CET) Closing speech of the first day of DCA 2020

Day 2: December 1st (Tuesday)

YouTube link

18:00-18:30 (CET) Open and Award Ceremony
18:30-19:30 (CET) Lecture of the Dream Chemistry Award 2020 Winner
19:30-19:40 (CET) Break
19:40-20:40 (CET) SPECIAL EVENT
Russell Johnson, Editor at Nature Chemistry
Perspectives on the chemistry publishing landscape
20:50-21:00 (CET) Closing ceremony